Radiation Training

Lack of radiation training is one of the most often cited areas of concern found during regulatory audits.  Initial and recurrent training is also one of the most difficult items to justify, schedule and perform.  Even generally licensed material licenses must provide radiation training to all people that may come in proximity to radioactive materials or sources.  Even x-ray and C-T scan equipment owners must provide training to employees.

Let R. M. Wester and Associates, Inc. tailor a radiation training program specific to your license and facility.

RSO Training Requirements

Radiation Safety Officer training requirements vary depending on the type of license.  Class lengths range from 24 to over 40 hours and testing requirements  are also dependent on the type of license.

Some Classes That We Offer (at our or your location):

  • Radiation Safety Officer
  • General Awareness
  • Radiation Worker
  • Authorized User
  • Instrumentation Instruction
  • Gauge Users
  • Scrap Metal Facility
  • Radiographers
  • OSHA Right –To-Know
  • Customized Classes are available