R. M. Wester and Associates, Inc. is excited to announce a partnership with Bertin Instruments as the dedicated U.S. distributor and service provider for all Bertin products. This will allow quick and convenient access to Bertin’s health physics, Radon detection, cell imaging, portal monitor, and environmental monitoring systems for all businesses in the United States.

Bertin Instruments is a brand of the CNIM Group, dedicated to innovative measurement and sampling solutions for key worldwide markets. With 60 years of instrumentation expertise, a presence in 50 countries, and a portfolio of over 40 instruments and services, Bertin is a leader in sampling and measurement devices.

New Products Available!

  • Health Physics

    Bertin Instruments provides professional health physics instruments for searching and measuring radiation to ensure the protection of people, workers and the environment, in accordance with radioprotection standards.

    • Dose rate & Survey Meters – Bertin Instruments provides a full range of professional equipment for radiation or contamination monitoring and measurement, to ensure the protection of workers and the enviroment.
    • Dosimetry – a key parameter for workers exposed to inoizing radiations. Thanks to Saphymo’s expertise, Bertin Instruments offers fast and reliable dosimeters and dosimetry systems.
    • Alpha/Beta contamination control – Bertin instruments has developed fast and reliable products aimed at detecting Alpha and Beta ray contamination.
    • Air Monitoring – Coriolis Air samplers collect biological particles in the air which offer new perspectives for the control of airborne contamination thanks to its liquid sample.
  • Enviromental Radiation Monitoring Systems

    Bertin Instruments offers a broad range of products and turnkey solutions for all tasks related to the monitoring of environmental radiation.

    Based on the in-depth expertise of the Saphymo brand, products and instruments have been developed and optimized to provide customers with the finest state-of-the-art instrumentation. Saphymo has more than 3,500 units in operation covering over 300 sites worldwide. Our teams continuously optimize existing product lines and adapt to new markets requirements. Most features are optionally available for life-time autonomous operation.

    • MiniTRACE γ – a survey meter specifically designed for the measurement of X & Gamma radiations, as well as the improvement of the safety of employees in controlled areas of nuclear power plants, reprocessing facilities, treatment centers & hospitals.
    • GammaTRACER & GammaPROBE – designed for continuous measuring, recording and optionally transmitting the environmental gamma dose rate.
    • GammaTRACER SPIDER – a gamma probe designed for emergency response and enabling a fast deployment in the critical area with minimum human intervention. Data is transmitted via proprietary UHF radio or satellite.
    • SpectroTRACER – a continuous operating measurement system for nuclide specific detection of even lowest level gamma contamination in air (SpectroTRACER-Air/Soil) and in liquids (SpectroTRACER-Aqua)
    • DataEXPERT 10 – a web-based data management solution for extensive radiological monitoring networks.
    • BAB air monitoring beacon – specially designed for the continuous monitoring of α & β artificial radioactive aerosols concentration combined with radon progenies and ambient gamma radiation.
    • SA environmental monitor – continuous measurement of aerosol activities in all gaseous effluents. It can be fully integrated into environmental radiation monitoring systems.
    • Data Trasmission – our radiation monitoring systems are available with reliable and secured public or proprietary data transmission solutions.
  • Radon Professional Monitoring

    There is a wide field of applications for Radon measurement from Radon risk assessment to geological surveys. AlphaGUARD products enjoy an international reputation as benchmark devices for the calibration of active and passive radon detectors.

    Our dedicated range of products and accessories has been especially designed to meet these needs and provide accuracy in the following application fields: short and long-term monitoring of Radon concentration indoor and outdoor, water and soil gas analysis; Radon surveillance and mitigation in the workplace (according to valid radiation protection regulations); and Geological survey, e.g. volcano watching, earthquake surveillance.

    • AlphaE Ultra-Small Radon Monitor – a professional meter for Radon concentration, personal exposure and doses. This ultra-small and light-weight instrument comes with an optional belt bag, an alternative for wall-mounting.
    • AlphaGUARD – a portable radon monitor with high sensitivity and outstanding accuracy. It is the benchmark instrument for professional radon monitoring.
  • Radiation Portal Monitors

    Radiation portal monitors are specifically designed for the detection of very low radioactive contamination and orphan sources at high traffic flow gates for vehicles, cargo, containers and pedestrians.

    • SaphyGATE G – an easy-to-use Radiation Portal Monitor optimized for truck, train and cargo radiation control. It is based on large-surface, high-volume plastic detectors providing the highest sensitivity.
    • DIRAD – Real-time spectrometric RPM with high volume NaI (Sodium Iodide) detector for access control.
    • Radiological Control For Pedestrians (RCP) – Radiation Portal Monitor for pedestrian access control.
    • Radiological Control of Container Load (RCCL) – Radiation Portal Monitor for small containers, luggage and parcels.
  • Optronics - Surveillance Systems

    Bertin Instruments provides its customers with optronic devices – visible and infrared – for the protection and surveillance of high-risk hotspots and for the military market.

    • FusionSight Night Vision Device – a world-first digital night and day vision device providing smart fusion for threat and target accurate detection.
    • PeriSight Night Vision Enhancer – a network of imaging sensor modules offering multiple viewing channels – colour low light and thermal.
    • FusionSight CS Civilian Surveillance – a fully digital Night & Day Vision device based on colour low light and thermal cameras, to use separately or in smart fusion to provide an enhanced vision in any light condition.
    • PeriSight Zoom – an optronic long range camera module allowing for target recognition & identification, dedicated to armoured vehicles and site surveillance.
    • CamSight – a lightweight and compact core camera to be integrated into complex optronic systems. It comes in three versions, CamSight IR, for infrared vision, CamSight LP, infrared & low power, and CamSight LL including a color visible low light sensor.
    • Vigisight Image Processing – Module of automatic image processing for analogic or digital output video to be used in numerous military and civil market applications.
  • Gas Detection

    Explosive or toxic gases are a constant threat to industry as well as civil and military security. Second Sight is an innovative instrument to protect infrastructures and population based on an early warning system.

    Bertin Instruments initially developed the gas detection system Second Sight for early warning and real-time visualization of suspicious clouds. This ruggedized instrument based on an infrared (IR) gas cloud detector is dedicated to chemical area surveillance in open field and harsh conditions but has also been adapted to industrial safety.

    Explosive gas leaks are an immediate threat in refineries. Leaks may accumulate into dangerous clouds that can ignite when they reach a certain concentration. Current leak detection methods deploy point detectors at various locations in the refinery that measure specific chemicals. When a single explosive accident can cost billions, Bertin Instruments is offering, thanks to Second Sight equipment, a full scene coverage gas cloud tracking system that adds another layer of safety.

  • Unattended Ground Sensor System

    Exensor’s Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) System provides remote early warning to guarantee the protection and security of people and critical infrastructures around the world.

    • Flexnet Wireless Protection & Surveillance Platform – a modular sensor solution offering strength protection and monitoring of critical sites. Developed by Exensor, Flexnet combines a comprehensive toolbox of sensors for Military and Homeland protection applications.
    • Intelligent Unattnded Ground Sensors – Exensor’s autonomous and ruggedized sensors are easy to deploy and conceal. A combination of passive sensor technologies: seismic, acoustic, passive infrared and intelligent day & night motion cameras enables the soldiers to observe without being seen.
  • Elemental Analysis

    Elemental Analysis allows to determine the atomic composition of a sample. Bertin Instruments proposes systems for on-line or lab applications by laser spectroscopy.

    • Quantom-LAB – a smart elemental analyzer for the detection and quantification of all elements, down to ppm level.

  • Tissue Homogenizers Sample Preparation

    Sample preparation is critical to master molecules extraction from biological samples. Bertin Instruments offers efficient and flexible Precellys tissue homogenizers for grinding any samples prior to analysis.

    • Precellys Evolution Homogenizer – the most advanced tissue homogenizer combining high efficiency and versatility for all sample preparation needs.
    • Cryolys Evolution – a patented cooling system compatible with the Precellys Evolution tissue homogenizer. It prevents thermo-sensitive samples from heat degradation during homogenization process.
    • Minilys Personal Homogenizer – Especially designed for low throughput laboratory workflows, the Minilys personal tissue homogenizer homogenizes three samples simultaneously in 0.5mL or 2mL tubes and one sample in 7 ml tubes.
    • Cryoloys Cooling Option – a patented cooling option, compatible with Precellys tissue homogenizers, that keeps the temperature of the samples between 0°C and 10°C during homogenization.
    • Lysing Kits – The Precellys lysing kits are dedicated to sample preparation for Precellys tissue homogenizers. They gather high quality material (glass, ceramic or stainless steel) and Dnase/Rnase free certification.
    • Precellys 24 Tissue Homogenizer – Precellys 24 is the perfect high throughput tissue homogenizer solution for routine applications capable of operating up to 24 tubes of 2mL.
  • Cell Imaging System

    Cell imaging, in living conditions or on a tissue slide, is an important step for cell biologists prior to working on a high end complex microscopy platform.

    InCellis is a unique cell imager developed to generate publication-quality images of cells with a high level of sensitivity to detect fluorescent labelling or true color for visible staining. Its unique low light colour sensor allows the highest sensitivity in fluorescence. Embedded cell culture applications provide accurate and quick results.

    Multi-fluorescent cell labelling can be easily performed by all biologists on the bench without extensive training.

    This all-in-one solution also provides cell transfection efficiency and cell culture confluency in one minute. Cell biologists can easily choose the best sample to use for further analysis. InCellis cell imaging system includes a unique high sensitive CMOS colour sensor, a large touch screen and patented illumination technology to generate brightness and contrast for a high resolution image.

    InCellis cell imager is used to perform live cell imaging and allows to calculate the cell transfection efficiency or the cell confluence percentage without compromising the cell culture and the experiments.

    • Incellis Cell Imager – InCellis is an all-in-one solution providing accurate results for cell culture such as transfection efficiency, cell culture confluency directly on the bench.
    • InCellis Apps – embedded cell culture applications dedicated to helping you make quick and reliable cell analysis from the bench.
    • Antibodies – Bertin Bioreagent offers primary and secondary antibodies for laboratories. As essential tools, they are particularly versatile when properly validated.
  • Bioreagent & Bioanalytical Tools

    Bertin Bioreagent is a leader in biomarker assay kit development, production and distribution for life sciences lab thanks to 30 years of expertise.

    Biomarkers are powerful tools for drug development and for the discovery of new active compounds in cosmetics, food and agro industries; even behavioral monitoring like in sport or food diet studies.

    Toxicity and efficiency of new molecules and drugs can be determined by studying biomarkers. Any biomarker deserves to have its best-in-class analytical tool which should be robust, ready to use, worldwide available and approved by the scientific community.

    Bertin Bioreagent offers more than 40 references of assay kits (ELISA, EIA, enzymatic…) and 240 references of antibodies (monoclonal and polyclonal) targeting biomarkers involved in various fields such as obesity, diabetes, pain, inflammation or endocrinology. Bertin can also develop custom made assay kits to find specific targets. The product range also includes necessary pre-analytical tools and biochemicals to collect and pre-treat samples for future analysis.

    • Pre-Analytical Tools – Bioreagent & Bioanalytical tools. While it is mandatory in clinical application, many kits in research do not evaluate in depth the pre-analytical phase (mainly because it’s highly variable). Bertin Bioreagent has a different approach.
    • Assay Kits – Bioregeagent & Bioanalytical Tools / Covid-19 Healthcare solutions. Most laboratories are familiar with ELISA kits, but developing a kit takes time. Bertin Bioreagent provides ready to use and validated assay kits, for more than 30 years.
    • Antibodies – Bioreagent & Bioanalytical tools / Cell Imaging System. Bertin Bioreagent offers primary and secondary antibodies for laboratories. As essential tools, they are particularly versatile when properly validated.
    • Biotoxis qPCR Detection Kit – Bioreagent & Bioanalytical tools / Air Monitoring. All-in-one qPCR kits for simutaneous detection of B. anthracis, Y. pestis and F. tularensis.
  • Air Monitoring

    Coriolis Air samplers collect biological particles in the air which offer new perspectives for the control of airborne contamination thanks to its liquid sample.

    The Coriolis was developed to go beyond the traditional technical performances of air bio-contamination control.

    Traditional techniques rely on the impaction of particles on a solid agar medium and are thus limited by low flow rates, unreliable impaction and a longer analysis time. They are also restricted to cultivable flora studies. In contrast, the wet walled cyclonic Coriolis rapidly collects and concentrates biological particles into liquid at a high air flow rate (300 lpm).

    The sample liquid output is then compatible with a number of Rapid Microbiological Methods (RMM) including PCR, immunoanalysis, and flow cytometry, and reliable results can be obtained in only a few hours! This new technology allows users to obtain efficient results even when the concentration of target particles is low or when events occur unexpectedly. This range of equipment meets air quality control and bio surveillance requirements.