Radiation Monitoring Service

R. M. Wester and Associates, Inc. have the latest in radiation monitoring services.  Using state of the art radiation detection equipment we can monitor radiation levels and immediately notify you of increased levels.  For a small installation fee and a monthly subscription, worry free radiation monitoring can be yours.  All of the radiation monitoring equipment is owned and maintained by R.M. Wester and Associates, Inc.  No need to be concerned with repair or calibration costs.  Radiation detectors are discreet, and you choose whether you want a display or a blank face.  The units may be monitored via computer, tablet or smartphone.  (WIFI network required.)

  • Sensitive Dose Rate and Total Dose measurement and recording
  • Radiation detection in less than 1 second
  • Directionality detection available
  • Mounts on standard smoke detector fixture
  • Integrates with your local network integration via encrypted WiFi or Ethernet
  • Energy Range – 59 keV – 2 MeV
  • Dose Rate Range –  1 – 50,000 μrem/hr
  • Detection Speed  – Less than 1 second