Radiation Safety Consulting

Radiation Safety Consulting Services

R. M. Wester & Associates, Inc. has been providing radiation safety consulting services since 1978 for clients in the United States and throughout the world. Our radiation safety consulting services include radioactive material licensing, radiation safety training, audits of your radiation safety, OSHA and DOT hazardous materials shipping programs, and more!

Our highly skilled team can go above and beyond licensing, training and audits. We can also assist in the administration of your radiation safety programs. We are able to train a member of your staff to become your Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), or we can be assigned as your radiation safety office (RSO) for a short time during transitions or even on a permanent basis.

Additional Radiation Safety Services Offered

  • Radiation Detectors – (radiation meters, Geiger counters) sales, repairs, and calibrations
  • Personnel Dosimetry – radiation badge, film badge, extremity rings, CTDI dosimeters, and calibration for pocket and alarming electronic dosimeters
  • Sealed Source Services – leak tests, shutter tests, radiation profiling, relocation, removal, disposal/recycling, and storage
  • Field and Lab Services – routine compliance surveys, decontamination and decommissioning, environmental sampling and analyses, on-location leak tests and analysis, NORM/TENORM sampling, analysis, and disposal, orphaned/lost source identification and retrieval, and isotopic identification.
  • Nuclear Density Gauges – sales, repairs, and calibrations
  • Radiation Monitor – state of the art radiation detection equipment we can monitor radiation levels and immediately notify you of increased levels
  • Hazardous Materials Packaging and Shipping
  • Missouri Qualified Experts – surveys of your radiation machines/x-ray machines

Who We Are

R. M. Wester and Associates, Inc. was established in 1978 and provides radiation safety and health physics support and guidance to clients in diverse applications of radioactive materials and ionizing radiation generating equipment.

These industries include the medical field, academia, research and development, packaging and bottling operations, water treatment facilities, hazardous waste disposal facilities, nuclear medicine pharmacies and manufacturers, heavy industrial users such as chemical production and processing plants, steel manufacturing, scrap, and waste recycling, grain processing, oil and gas production, fossil fuel and nuclear power.  We also meet the needs of the construction industry with services designed specifically for their needs.

These services are provided under the authority of our U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission License and are comprehensive and uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of each of the industries and each client.  We are also equipped and licensed to respond to emergencies at any time.