Tritium Exit Signs

Those who possess tritium exit signs are general licensees of the USNRC and as such must comply with recordkeeping and disposal regulations of all radioactive materials.  Proper handling and recordkeeping are important because damaged or broken tritium exit signs can cause radioactive contamination of the immediate vicinity, requiring an expensive clean up.  Purchasers’ of tritium exit signs do not need special authorization from the USNRC to possess the signs. However, their possession is filed with the USNRC by the manufacturer.  General licensees are subject to complying with all applicable regulations and are subject to the associated penalties for failure to comply with the prescribed regulations.  Two of these requirements are that you must not remove the labeling or radioactive symbol or abandon a tritium exit sign, and you must properly dispose of the signs through licensed companies who have an NRC license authorizing the possession. Our license allows you to transfer tritium exit signs to us for proper transfer to a recycling facility.

Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self-luminous exit signs provide hassle free compliance for many years.  No need to change batteries or ensure that there is always a direct light source positioned on them.  Make that monthly OSHA and NFPA inspection very simple.

There are more than 2 million tritium exit signs in the US and serve as a much-needed safety function by remaining lit during power outages. These devices are widely used in public and private buildings, theaters, stores, schools and other locations where electric connections are difficult or too costly to install.