Scrap Metal Recycling Facilities

Gate Monitoring Systems

Custom designed Accoma® gate monitoring systems to detect radioactive material that may be mixed in with the metal.  These systems are designed and tailored to meet your needs and your budget.  Even though no monitoring system can detect everything, these systems can help reduce the number of rejections.

Contaminated Scrap Retrieval and Disposal

R. M. Wester & Associates, Inc. will provide analysis and identification of radioactive materials present.  Contact the appropriate regulatory agencies, and get the appropriate permits for disposal.  We package and provide transportation for radioactive materials, and meet the Department of Transportation’s security requirements.  R.M. Wester and Associates, Inc. is licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and registered in other states to retrieve and assist in the disposal of materials frequently found in metal recycling facilities.

Scrap Material Information Form

Hand Held Instruments

New and reconditioned meters for sale, rent or lease to help pinpoint radioactive materials in trucks, and to scan metals that may not have been picked up by your gate monitor.  These instruments are sensitive and yet rugged.

Training and Workshops

We also provide training specifically for those who are in the industry.  These personalized courses demonstrate what is out there, how it gets to your facility, how to use the gate monitors and instruments, and what to do when you encounter radioactive materials. 

Our Training is now online!

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