Nuclear Density Gauge

A nuclear density gauge is a tool often used to determine the density of soil or density of asphalt. A nuclear density gauge consists of a radiation source that emits a cloud of particles and a sensor that counts the received particle that is either reflected by the test materials or pass through it. The nuclear gauge then determines the density of the tested material by calculating the percentage of particles that return to the sensor.

Nuclear Density Gauge Calibration, Repair and Sales

R. M. Wester and Associates, Inc. can quickly perform a 3 or 5 block calibration on your nuclear density gauge. No need to send your gauge to the manufacturer and wait. We can also service and repair any manufacturer’s density gauges including; Humboldt, CPN, InstroTek Inc. and Troxler.

Lease, rental, and sales available on new and rebuilt density gauges.

ASTM Certified Calibrations

R. M. Wester and Associates, Inc. uses NIST traceable blocks for calibrations.

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