Dosimetry | Radiation Badge

R. M. Wester & Associates, Inc. offers personnel dosimetry to meet your requirements, and often we can provide dosimeters at a lower cost than the dosimeter manufacturers. Whether you need a whole body radiation dosimeter badge (film badge) or you need extremity rings as well, R. M. Wester & Associates, Inc. is able to supply you with the most up to date and cost-effective radiation dosimeters. We will also alert you when there is an unexpected exposure. R. M. Wester & Associates, Inc. offers CTDI dosimeters and calibration for pocket and alarming electronic dosimeters.

What is dosimetry?

Dosimetry is a regulatory requirement in most cases with the use of the radiation generating devices and sources. While the exposure to radiation may be measured, and appear low, even below regulatory limits, the real basis for the use of dosimetry is to allay fears from the perception that the exposure was more than that incurred, thus leading to unknown levels of exposure, causing concerns for most people in that situation. Dosimetry also provides information when changes in operating practices are needed. It also may identify the possibility that personnel may have done something contrary to the procedures without due consideration of the potential exposure which may have occurred.  In any case, the use of dosimetry is a valuable tool which identifies the actual and real exposure incurred for both the short and long-term needs.

Radiation Dosimetry is a proven tool used for State and Federal regulatory compliance and personnel, patient, and public safety, and as, proof of limited exposures even at background levels. Dosimetry exposure records have proven to be the difference in the outcome of court cases, in which harm and health issues were charged against employers for exposure to radiation. However, the employer could show our dosimetry records, proving that the claim was not substantiated by recorded reality.

What kind of dosimeters do I need?

The type of dosimetry you need depends on the types of radioactive material you have along with how the materials will be handled. Let R. M. Wester & Associates, Inc. perform an analysis to verify that you have the correct type and number of dosimeters. We provide our clients with Landauer products including passive dosimeters; Luxel+ Whole Body, the TLD ring style, and the full range and type of environmental and area monitoring devices.

Missouri Qualified Expert Inspection Extension

The State of Missouri allows the evaluation and survey recording frequency of your radiation machines to be extended. Registered individuals or facilities can request an extension to their original re-occurring evaluation cycle after acceptable review and survey of your radiation machines, and by meeting two conditions set by the State. A complete list of the State’s conditions is attached for your viewing and selection.

The State’s conditions for QE evaluation/surveys extension includes dosimeters (radiation badge or film badge) with on-going services for all personnel potentially exposed occupationally. Dosimetry is the easiest solution to get an extension for the evaluation and survey recording frequency. In addition to extending the frequency of QE evaluation/surveys, on-going dosimetry services through R. M. Wester & Associates, Inc. can lower the cost of your next QE evaluation and survey recording.

Please contact us for more specific information for your dosimetry and QE needs.